History of the World Xterium.

It started with a mission to Mars in 2152, which found an unknown source of energy, it is under the surface of Mars. After extracting the source turned out to be a mineral that is composed primarily of clean energy. This mineral is formed at the outbreak of "supernovae". The new mineral was the scientific name of "X-tera", in non-scientific circles, it was called "Star resource." Attempts to artificially synthesize it failed, because it takes too much energy.

Learning a new resource and its use has allowed to make a quick leap in the development of technology. Already in 2190 the engine was invented, allowing to fly beyond the galaxy. Beginning in 2200, expeditions to deep space in search of new worlds, new life, and most importantly, to find new locations, "Star of the mineral." Even after 150 years, humanity can not imagine my life without the "Star of the mineral." Fierce war for the planet, which was discovered this resource.

Grabber to 2270 were rampant in the vast universe. They took the whole solar system, killing all who could not turn to their faith. Their faith was to worship "Star mineral" because they got superhuman strength from him. It all started with the fact that one of the astronauts involved in the excavations on Mars, with his bare hands touched the mineral and got a huge boost of energy. When he opened up the ability to see and feel the people susceptible to the power of the mineral, such people are called grabtery. Astronaut Mariar name, he began to show grabteram possibilities of this energy and urged them to worship the power of the "Star of the mineral." Sensing that power once people become addicted to it, not to give a new human power and hit. Dependence on the mineral caused uncontrollable rage that did not allow full control of their forces and think clearly, making it easy to manage. Mariar proclaimed himself Lord Marshelom Grabterov and nachel form a huge army of followers of the new faith.

For 50 years no one could resist the grabber, so powerful and ruthless they were. Yet the faction began to emerge, which came to the defense of the universe. She calls herself a Sami Center, though at first they were called Varders. Varders formed as a new secret project of "Tallkor." The aim of the project was to create a new type of weapons in order to increase the combat capabilities of a person, by the implantation of implants on the basis of stellar mineral. In reality Vardes became a separate independent army that fought against terror Grabterov throughout the universe. As a result, the army began to join the other planets, and the whole empire to protect themselves and their civilization. After that decision was made not to become dependent factions and to separate from the corporation "Tallkor." A new faction called itself the Center. Now they live on three principles: honor, duty, discipline.

Corporation "Tullamore", which sponsored the first expedition to Mars and production of minerals, to establish a monopoly on the market for sales of the "Star of the mineral." Very soon "Tallkor" was the only corporation in all universes, selling mineral. In all his actions and decisions based only on profit. Power and own good condition the only thing that bothers them.